Used car valuation

Looking to buy a used car in Bangalore, India but not sure about its value? Welcome to 🙂 You have come to the right place!

Let’s accept it – most of us have no clue what goes on under the bonnet of the car! And now when we are scanning the used car market for our ideal used car we are worried of ending up with a used car which might incur huge repair expenses in future.

Used car valuation

We are also worried about paying too much valuation for the used car than it deserves. Is there a “right” value of a used car? How to sort out this used car valuation thingy?

Well, most people start with a Google search for “used car valuation” or something closely related. They end up at popular used car classified portals where they find used car value calculators. You enter few basic parameters like used car model, year, odometer reading, city and these calculators throw out a “used car value” to you.

But hang on a second – How can these used car value calculators give me the valuation for the “specific car” that I am interested in?

Well, this is why you never buy a used car without detailed inspection by expert technicians. When the technician evaluates a used car his focus is on discovering as many hidden issues as possible.

Now fixing every issue has an associated cost. You sum up all these expected costs and you have a number for total expected expenses. By the way, if you have come this far reading this article I am sure you will want to see how we present this information in our used vehicle inspection report in a structured manner – please take a look at the sample report here.

So now to come up with “right” valuation of used car you simply reduce the total expected expenses from the generic valuation you got from used car value calculators! You can use this number to start the price negotiations. Mystery resolved!

Here is another gem about top 10 reasons for a used car inspection service to help you decide on the used car valuation

You are welcome 🙂

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