Used car inspection Vs Certified used cars

Buying a used car in Bangalore? Have you got the car checked or inspected?

If the vehicle is not professionally inspected before purchase, you may end up paying thousands for the defects and repairs later.

It’s not that there are no options to mitigate this risk – The market for “certified used cars” is all too common. These certified pre-owned cars are certified by the sellers, who are either company authorized pre-owned car dealers or any third party dealers, who put the car through an inspection and get some or all the issues fixed. Many car dealers also offer a limited warranty on the vehicles for a period ranging between 6 to 12 months.

What is “car inspection” then?

Car inspection is the process of conducting elaborate quality checks on the vehicle, typically using a standard checklist, with the objective of discovering as many issues as possible. Car inspection is usually done when the used vehicle is being purchased from individuals (and usually not from dealers). Although it may be a good idea to have the car inspection done in both cases to understand the quality of vehicle from independent and unbiased car experts.

Certified used cars generally cost 20% to 25% more than their open market price. This exorbitantly high premium is the main reason why most used vehicle transactions are C2C (customer to customer). Here a used car inspection service like helps customers understand the vehicle quality before they make purchase decisions.

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