User car buying in Metro cities – Key Pointers!

Purchasing a used car can be a tricky process as no 2 cars are same. Every car comes with its own history which plays a pivotal role later. Based on this history you may have a pleasant experience or a nightmare.

Used Car Buyer

Especially in tier 1 cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad used car buyers prefer to search online to avoid the hassle, traffic and time wastage. Also the variety that is offered online cannot be matched by any dealer. You need to perform stringent tests before buying used cars in such cities so as to avoid getting duped, or simply being cautious does no harm.

While buying a used car, a comprehensive physical inspection of the vehicle by a professional technician would go a long way in identifying issues and avoiding un-necessary hassles at later point of time. Some of the key pointers every used car buyer should consider:

Trusted Platform to find a Used Car:
Start with a trusted platform or source preferably online websites. On websites you get large variety of used cars to choose from. This makes the whole used car buying experience easier. You are assured about getting the best used car options on this platform. In large cities in particular where getting from one corner of the city to the other can be difficult and time consuming, websites come handy!

Car Inspection:
Just because a car is “certified” it honestly doesn’t mean all that much. Do you realize that most certification are from dealerships, which are cheap and their credibility is questionable. Hence its advisable to get the inspection done from credible resources. offers used car inspection report services. It will save you time and effort in running around to find a competent technician to get this inspection done. Being a Independent Inspection Services provider, CheckGaadi provides a neutral & honest assessment about the technical worthiness of the vehicle. Professional Technician comes over to the place where car is located and performs the inspection thus saving you time in running across the city.

Check out how our Used Car Inspection Services can help address your concerns. We provide a detailed report about the working condition of the vehicle, a detailed estimate of the costs to be incurred in near future along with validation of the vehicle documentation.

What are you waiting for? Leave the running around to us and we will ensure you have complete peace-of-mind!

All the Best for your car purchase!