How we help buyers and sellers of used cars or bikes – one stop portal to get used cars and bikes of all brands physically checked before buying (or even selling). Our vision is to bring the much needed transparency in the used-vehicle transactions – 92% of which takes place through “peer-to-peer” sales (i.e., between two unknown people).

We hope to help both buyers and sellers of used vehicles with this solution –

  • Buyers get a technical opinion in the form of a fairly comprehensive yet simple to understand report (checkout the sample report here)
  • Sellers can use this inspection report to differentiate their vehicle in a crowded marketplace and close the sale much faster with a premium for quality.

Specific issues is aiming to solve:

Physical inspection of the vehicle is an indispensable part of the buying process. At present however, if one wants to get a professional opinion on the quality of vehicle, they invariably end up at the neighborhood garage hoping to catch the “expert” to accompany them to the vehicle location. There are several issues with this approach –

  • There is no way to confirm the “expertise” of mechanic unless you know them personally.
  • Even if one books an appointment with a mechanic in advance, his likelihood of showing up will be decided on the workload immediately before the appointment. In other words, there is no guarantee that the guy will show up.
  • No way for someone to know if the mechanic is really impartial. Many of us would know examples where money was added to the mix to dilute ethics. Of course not everyone can be influenced like this but one needs to be extra careful when the stakes are high.
  • This ad-hoc mechanism provides you verbal feedback on the perceived condition on the vehicle. As soon as you step out it is usually forgotten. There is neither a documented reference for later nor specific details on observed issues. You cannot even consult later with anyone else as you have nothing to show but only few observations which you still hopefully remember.
  • The feedback, especially the contentious ones, may create an open debate where everyone is trying to defend their position simultaneously.
  • Price demanded by the mechanic can be quite random at times.

How is fixing these issues? simplifies the end-to-end process and makes it super transparent. We do it by breaking down the problem and address it in smaller steps –

  • Step 1 – Customers schedule vehicle inspection appointment through the website.
  • Step 2 – The technician shows up at the designated time and place and performs the inspection.
  • Step 3 – provides you a detailed report the same day.

That’s it!

No hanky-panky, no uncertainty about whether the mechanic will really show up, no questions about impartiality etc. – all these issues are history!