The economics of used car inspection or used bike inspection

Buying a used vehicle from an unknown source can be a minefield, but getting it professionally inspected beforehand can significantly reduce the chances of stepping on a real mine.

There are endless choices while buying a vehicle – whether it is a car or a bike. The trick to buying any pre-owned car or bike is to get a good balance between price and value. And in the wild world of used cars and bikes, the only way to set your mind at ease before you buy is an independent and thorough vehicle inspection.

Anyone can perform a “broad brush” inspection but often the devil lies in the details – vehicle experts are trained to look for even the most innocuous signs of an accident and combine various unrelated parameters to arrive at a conclusion.

Our inspection process is fast and efficient. To give an example – the unnecessary movement of technician is avoided by identifying a few “ideal” spots which provide access to most nearby vehicle subsystems.

An independent inspection from can confirm the condition of the vehicle and build your confidence about the fair value. Equipped with our detailed inspection report you can make an informed choice. If it unearths a checkered past you can back away completely or mutually arrive at a fair price in line with the cost of repairs.

While no inspection is guaranteed to find every flaw in a used car, a trained eye can help you avoid most serious problems. Given the fact that significant money is at stake an hour of your time is good insurance against the unknown.

Go for it and drive happily!!