Don’t be penny wise – Get a professional vehicle inspection before buying a car or bike

All automotive experts will atleast agree on this one piece of advice – don’t buy a used vehicle without professional inspection. Few reasons behind going for such kind of vehicle inspections are to uncover hidden risks, unanticipated repairs towards unseen damages, increase the safety of the driver paying (or asking in case of sellers) only the fair price for the vehicle.

At, our experts conduct a thorough checkup for mechanical, safety and appearance parameters of the vehicle. With due permissions from the owners, we also conduct road test which is the best form of inspection, as it provides a clear understanding of the vehicle while on road. Our report is detailed (sample report) and opens up most of the hidden flaws observed in the bike or car.

Not only the physical details of the vehicle, we at provide theft verification details of the vehicle too. One can use this comprehensive report to mutually discuss a fair price of the vehicle, or can ask the seller to fix the identified problems before finalizing the vehicle. A car or bike inspection can save you huge money and a lot of frustration.

Be safe!