Why CheckGaadi.com does not buy or sell vehicles?

We get this question quite often from patrons, well-wishers and customers – doesn’t it make sense for you to get into classifieds space? In this post let us try to explain the reasoning behind it.

One of the primary reasons why CheckGaadi.com came into existence was to ensure transparency into the space of used vehicle transactions. Something needed to be done to help thousands of people who routinely get frustrated for buying a used vehicle without knowing the quality status of most if not all of its subsystems.

At the outset, we don’t believe in any vehicle being “absolutely bad” (ok, really very few 🙂 ). It is just that the price that you pay for the vehicle should be commensurate with its quality – very simple – and naturally you should be able to take this call after having the facts on the table.

Now if we also started selling the cars and bikes ourselves, it would be similar to us setting the question papers and also writing the same examination 🙂 .

We would like to give this power to the customers! They must have an option to get an independent and professional vehicle inspection conducted on the vehicle they are interested to buy.

We believe getting into the selling of vehicles ourselves will compromise on these fundamental principles of our existence – neutrality and transparency – hence the decision to stay away from it.

Keep smiling 🙂