The case for Used Car or Bike Inspection before buying/selling a vehicle

Inspection of used cars or bikes before buying or selling the vehicle provides an opportunity to buy and sell with complete transparency about the vehicle quality. Before the transfer of title, it is sensible to get the car or 2-wheeler inspected to be sure that you are getting the right value for your money.

It goes beyond the “bargaining” alone – a car or bike inspection ensures that both buyers and sellers are on the same page with respect to the quality of the vehicle. This is a major stepping stone to mutually arriving at a fair valuation of the car or bike, as opposed to bargaining using random numbers without any objective criteria.

If a seller produces such an inspection report provided by an independent agency, it immediately imparts a feeling of trust towards the vehicle. This can potentially translate into a better price for the seller and naturally a shorter sales cycle. For the buyer it makes sense to double check the quality of the car or two-wheeler to avoid regrets later. provides an independent platform to get the vehicles inspected with complete neutrality. Our trained technicians inspect the car or bike at your chosen time and venue, and within a couple of hours you get an exhaustive report containing all the expert observations. You can check some sample reports at

While we encourage the customers to be present at the inspection venue in the interest of openness, it is not compulsory if you are busy and cannot make it. You can rest assured that we will do our job with the same diligence and sincerity as we would in your absence and will be answerable only to you.

Our services are priced at about 50% of the prevailing rates. We are able to do it because of the international best practices followed in our daily operations, as well as due to the fact that every little part of our process is highly optimized. We would like to keep the rates as affordable as possible in order to reach the masses looking for used vehicle inspection services.

We are true to our tagline– “Any car, Any bike, Any place, Any Time”. We are proud to be the only professional agency providing used vehicle inspection services for all brands of cars and bikes under one umbrella.

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