Car Valuation – Smarter way to buying your dream car!

Have you ever tried driving or even running with your eyes closed? It is the same as buying a car without doing a detailed inspection and valuation. Detailed Car Valuation arms you with all the necessary information enabling you to take informed and smarter buying decisions.

Car Valuation

Car Valuation is critical to your buying process as it provides used car safety ratings. These ratings are arrived at by analyzing different parameters such as vehicles age, mileage delivery, equipment’s as well as the region where it is sold. So the prices may differ between different metros – Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune. It is also critical so as to understand the cars’ fair value in any of those cities.

Used Car Valuation across metro/tier-1 cities generally have 2 price points – Trade-In Value and Retail Value.

  • Trade-In Value: This price point is arrived at by taking into account dealers’ commission or profit. This rate may differ taking into account dealer to dealer deal, dealer to customer deal or auction sale. In whichever way rest assured the dealer takes home a marked up value.
  • Retail Value: This is the actual price of the car you may have to incur should you buy the vehicle from private owners rather than going to a dealer. This price would be lower than the Trade-In value considering dealers would incur some costs in detailing, washing and making the car ready for selling.

Lastly before buying, you would like to be certain about the overall working condition of the car. If you are in South Delhi, you would not like to spend time travelling to North Delhi just for inspection. provides car inspection at the doorstep where the car is located. Our Experienced Technicians perform a complete evaluation of the car un-covering problems and also provide a estimate of the costs you may have to incur in the next 3 to 6 months.

This detailed assessment would provide you all the insights ensuring a fair Car Valuation. Take decisions with complete information on hand. Be rest assured CheckGaadi helps you take the right decisions!
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