Why CAR VALUATION is a prerequisite to buying a used car.

As long as a market for new cars flourishes, the used vehicle business shall thrive. It makes sense to purchase a previously owned car for individuals on a budget, for inexperienced drivers or individuals with minimal need for it. These are the figures indicating nationwide sales of used cars for Maruti Suzuki, the most trusted automobile manufacturer in the country. An increasing number of people are inclined towards the purchase of used cars.

Car valuation

Whatsoever the purpose might be, when used commodities are involved one must be extra cautious. Majority of such transactions are executed between parties that are completely unknown to each other making Car Valuation a necessity. The trust factor comes into play.

A few Car Valuation Questions that come to one’s mind –
• How long has the vehicle been used for?
• What is the condition it has been maintained in?
• Are there any mechanical faults?
• Do any parts need replacement?
• Will it be worth the investment?
• Is the person selling trustworthy?

All of these are perfectly valid concerns. The obvious way to resolve these complications would be to conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle. This would reveal interesting facts and data as to the health of the car providing much needed visibility into the Car Valuation process. The interpretation of this data should help in the decision making process.

Yet not all of us are automobile enthusiasts and have little knowledge about the intricacies of this process. This is precisely where CheckGaadi comes into the picture. CheckGaadi provides comprehensive CAR VALUATION services at your doorstep in BANGALORE and DELHI/NCR. All that needs to be done is schedule an appointment online. Check out this article to understand how CheckGaadi can help you with Car Valuation.

The inspection is carried out by professionals who provide an in-depth Valuation of the vehicle for a multitude of critical parameters (106 to be precise). Check out the sample report. These include but are not limited to –
• Engine condition
• Battery life
• Suspensions
• Tires
• Electrical circuits and components
• Transmission system
• Braking
• Steering and overall handling

The interiors and exteriors are also minutely examined for physical damage, dents, scratches or rust.
The report also projects current and future costs that may be incurred for complete refurbishing of the vehicle and maintenance of its subsystems.
Express delivery of the report (within an hour) and Vehicle Theft Verification are also provided.

Considering the fact that a large amount of capital is being invested, this valuation service is very reasonably charged and is worth every penny. One can only conclude that it is a small price to pay for peace of mind eh?