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Timely service, courteous and knowledgeable staff and attention to detail - you guys are simply great! I highly recommend your services - Kumar
After much research I ultimately decided to buy your services as soon as I saw the "Sample Report" on the website. The level of coverage is quite comprehensive and helped me get a holistic picture of the car - Ruby

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  • It is a fairly straightforward process:

    • Select a suitable vehicle inspection plan (there are all mentioned here)
    • Book an appointment and make payment
    • Our technician shows up and performs the inspection
    • We send you a detailed report (similar to this one)
  • The typical duration of a car inspection varies between 30 mins to 45 mins depending upon the vehicle. Similarly the bike inspection lasts between 15 mins to 20 mins.

  • We are proud to be the first and only company in India providing vehicle inspection services for used bikes as well as cars under one umbrella. Few benefits mentioned below:

    • No more hassles of searching for a reliable vehicle technician
    • No more last minute worries of technician not showing up
    • No more doubts about the credentials of the technician and his “unbiased” opinion
    • No more ad-hoc inspections and verbal and unprofessional feedback
    • No more lack of accountability – you can always contact us any number of times
    • No more haggling over unreasonable prices demanded by technicians
  • If you are buying OR selling a used vehicle - car or bike - then these services are for you. Our vision is summarized in the tagline of www.checkgaadi.com – “Any Car . Any Bike . Any Time . Any Place”. We inspect the vehicle on the date of your convenience and provide the detailed inspection report. This helps you to finalize the vehicle depending upon their actual condition.

  • An independent and transparent quality assessment report will help you sell the vehicle in the following ways:

    • Differentiate your vehicle in a crowded marketplace and increase its visibility
    • Increase the credibility and trust quotient of your vehicle
    • Attract a price premium to your vehicle
    • Sell your vehicle much faster and easier
  • Yes. We inspect both 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers.

  • Yes, we cover all vehicle brands.

  • Currently we are servicing Bengaluru, Delhi/NCR region, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune & Hyderabad. We are already in advance stages of starting operations in other Tier 1 cities across India.

  • We serve both buyers and sellers of used vehicles and therefore many times we know about some genuinely good and reasonably priced vehicles available in the market. We will be happy to provide such information if you tell us what exactly are you looking for. However, this is not our core area of business and we like to focus mainly on vehicle inspection services.

  • Our vehicle inspectors are trained automotive experts. They have several years of experience in automotive business and understand the details.

  • No. In the interest of simplicity we have decided to charge flat rates irrespective of the vehicle brand. The price depends only on the package selected by you.

  • We offer 20% flat discount on all the subsequent inspections within 1 month of your last order.

  • Sure. Please contact us and we can discuss the details.

  • We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, net banking, prepaid cards and all the other standard online payment modes.

  • Please refer this sample report to get a fair idea about the coverage. We have a stickler for details and it is reflected in our super comprehensive coverage of the vehicle.

  • We can still get majority of the checks done based on a stationary vehicle. Only the checks which are absolutely dependent upon a moving vehicle will not be done. If the test drive was not undertaken then it will also be documented in the final report.

  • No. The inspection report is based on the best judgment of our technicians at the time of physical inspection of the vehicle. This report shall be used only as one input in the overall decision making process and should not be considered as sole decision making criterion or the final recommendation for purchasing or not purchasing the vehicle.

  • Please select a vehicle inspection plan of your choice from the list of our services. and check out its details. You need to provide some information including the vehicle location, contact numbers and your preferred appointment time slot etc. for inspection and place confirm the order.

  • At present our system allows advance inspection scheduling for upto 14 days. If you need the inspection beyond 14 days please feel free to contact us.

  • The report shall normally be available within 24 hours by default. If you have chosen the 'Express Report' option it shall be available within 1 hour. Ofcourse this subject to any unavoidable circumstances beyond our control

  • All our observations are already captured in the inspection report to the maximum possible extent and we have taken care to present this data in a very simple to understand manner. However, if you still need any clarifications then you can contact us.

  • Please contact us with your order number and we will be happy to help you.

  • We recommend your presence during inspection to ensure absolute transparency. However, it is all right if you cannot make it for some reason.

  • Our entire value proposition is based on bringing transparency to the used vehicle transactions and we go extra mile to enforce it in all our processes. The technicians are well trained in these aspects and we ensure that our "zero tolerance policy" is clearly understood. Our technicians are specifically instructed to quietly conduct the inspection without getting into any contentious discussions about the "value of this vehicle" or "what is wrong with my vehicle". Their job is to technically evaluate the quality of vehicle and communicate their observations back to us. We analyse this data and generate a comprehensive report which is provided to the customer as soon as possible.

  • You can reschedule the appointment upto 2 times. Please contact us with your order number if you need to make any changes. Below mentioned rescheduling charges apply depending upon the time frame:

    • 0% deduction - Upto 4 hours before the appointment
    • 50% deduction - Upto 2 hours before the appointment
    • 100% deduction - 2 hours or less before the appointment
  • You can cancel the appointment any time. Below mentioned cancellation charges apply depending upon the time frame:

    • Rs. 50 flat deduction - Upto 1 day in advance
    • 20% deduction - Upto 4 hours before the appointment
    • 50% deduction - Upto 2 hours before the appointment
    • 100% deduction - 2 hours or less before the appointment

    Please note: Technicians have back to back appointments and will be unable to wait beyond 20 mins at the vehicle location after the scheduled appointment time for any reason. In such a situation the order shall be automatically cancelled and no refunds will be made

  • Please feel free to contact us with your order number and we will get in touch.

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